Stage 7 Roscigno / Teggiano

Today you will technically leave Cilento, and you will enter Vallo di Diano trough the Sella del Corticato. From Roscigno, go towards the village of Sacco. After 3 km you will go through one of the tallest single-span bridge in Europe. Below you, after 170m you will see the Sammaro river.

Past the bridge, you will find the indication of the path that will bring you to the river’s source. The path is 1km, it is very steep. Climbing back again will be very challenging.

From the village of Sacco, you will begin climbing towards the highest point so far of the Silent Way: 1022 MASL. The effort will be extremely worth. Along the silent path between Motola Mountain (1700 MASL) and Cocuzzo delle Puglie mountain (1428 MASL) during spring you will find a completely yellow landscape. The broom flower gives it its typical colour.

Once at the top of the Sella del Corticato, looking down you will see the village of Teggiano that you can reach with a refreshing down-hill path.

The population of Lucani founded Teggiano during the IV century b.c. It is also called “the village of churches”, due to the numerous religious places you will find here. The first church if the one dedicated to SS Annunziata (XV century). The road will lead you to the main square of Teggiano where you can find the church dedicated to S. Francis, 1307. In the very same square, with a lateral entrance, you will also find the Cathedral dedicated to S. Maria Maggiore, 1275. Further in Teggiano, you can find the church dedicated to S. Peter (XIII century), the church dedicated to S. Angelo (XII century). On the opposite side of the village, north side, you will find the church dedicated to the Pieta’.

Teggiano, also hosts a very important museum that collects spices. It is the focal point for researches from all over the world and the local farmers.