Stage 6 : Petina / Roscigno

This is not an easy stage. Today, you have to be prepared to face again the mountains Alburni up to 1100 meters above sea level. From Petina we follow the signs to the observatory of Casone Aresta. Here we begin a notable climb in a dense forest of beeches trees at the end of which you will find yourself on a wide clearing: here stands the Observatory, evocative and isolated building, made surreal by the characteristic metallic dome which houses the scientific instruments.

Once you pass the Casone Aresta, a small road will bring you up to Costa Palomba (1125 MASL).

There, on the top, there is the Antece. It is a sculpture in the rock and it could very well be an ancient representation of a God or a hero.

Its date is placed between the year 1000 and 400 before Christ. To get to the Antece will cost you energy and strength. At a certain point, you shall leave your bike and continue walking. From up there, where the Antece stays since millennia, the view will leave you speechless.

Once you are back on your bike, it will all be downhill towards Sant’angelo a Fasanella.

In the period between June and July, you will also benefit from the typical yellow color of the flowered Broom. Once in Sant’angelo a Fasanella you will be facing yet another marvellous cave, the Cave of San Michele Arcangelo. This is part of UNESCO, just like the Antece.

Continuing the Silent Way you will pass Corleto Monforte and at that point only 10 Km to Roscigno. Hopefully you will reach Roscigno in time to enjoy the sunset from the view of the famous abandoned village. The small village was subjected to catastrophic seismic events in the XVII and XVIII. It was definitely abandoned between 1902 and 1908. From that point, time stopped in Roscigno.