Stage 5 : Felitto / Petina

For some days you will not abandon the Calore river. After few km from the Gole di Felitto you go past Castel San Lorenzo and Roccadaspide (where you will find the Filomarino Castle). Ahead of you, you will see the Alburni mountain compound. At its slopes there is Castelcivita with its very famous caves. The caves are on the right side of the Calore river, half way between Castelcivita and Controne. The Silent Way does not touch Castelcivita, however if you have legs and lungs just go, it is worth the ride.

From Controne, well known for its special beans, following the road signs for the cemetery, a secondary road goes up on the Alburni mountains until Postiglione presenting you its well-maintained medieval castle. The road is very steep for 1 km, then it becomes more shallow.

On your right, the imposing presence of the Alburni Mountains will guide you. After Postiglione, a secondary road goes just past the cemetery and leads after a few kilometers back to the main road. At the intersection of Scorzo continue in the direction of Sicignano degli Alburni. From here and all the way up to Petina the view on the right is dominated by the mighty and magnificent buttresses of Alburni. Through Sicignano, you will notice its ancient castle recently restored and spectacularly situated on a relief to guard the valley below

Continuing, through numerous and beautiful stretches, you will arrive finally in Petina. It is situated on a small plateau at the foot of the Alburni.