Stage 4 : Cicerale / Felitto

Today you will not have many km in front of you. This stage however is rich of beautiful landscapes; take your time. Once left Cicerale, you will continue towards the village of Trentinara (606 MASL), on a rocky mountain that looks down on the valley of the Sele river.

From the panoramic square at the top of the village, you can clearly see the Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi coast) and Punta Licosa. If you decide to spend the night in Trentinara, make sure you visit the old town centre and its ancient buildings from XVIII and XIX century. At sunset, make sure you go back to the square. From there you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset of The Silent Way. If you are in Trentinara during the second week of August you can enjoy the “Festa del Pane”. It is a popular festivity where bread is served in many different tastes. From Trentinara to the village of Magliano, the path goes up and down, without major slopes. 

Going out from Stio, you will go down on a dirt road that will lead you on the embankment of the Calore’s river. From here, you will reach the medieval bridge of Magliano. Felitto is very close now. From Felitto, you will be able to enjoy some trekking along the Calore river and refresh in its clear water. Don’t miss the “fusilli felittesi”, a typical pasta meal.

On the SP13b, on your left you will see Magliano Nuovo. Next stop will be the village of Stio. Stio, is where you can find Museo Trotta, luthiers’ craftsman, the photography museum.