Stage 13 : Palinuro / Ceraso

Today The Silent Way is rather easy. The first 13 km of the 13th stage will be on the seaside before going back to the heart of Cilento towards Ceraso.

Along your way, you’ll meet the lovely Pisciotta, located along the hillside, on a hill dominated by the great Marquis Palace. It is worth stopping at one of its squares have a drink or stock up on fruit stalls along the way, before taking the way that will bring you back to the inside of the Park. The first village that you will meet will be Rodio. Leave Rodio on a challenging climb top of the hill near a crossroads; here we turn left in the direction of Catona. After Catona, continue towards Terradura but before reaching the village, the Silent Way turns right and heads towards the village of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara was built around a church in the year 977. It is attributed to the Greek monks, perhaps fleeing Velia to escape malaria and fear of pirate attacks.

The oldest part of Ceraso is the district ‘mpieri Ceraso’ (at the foot of Ceraso) where the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari is also located. Other buildings of historical importance are the buildings ” Lancillotti” and “Di Lorenzo”.