Stage 12 : San Giovanni a Piro / Palinuro

This is the 12th stage on The Silent Way. Today you will touch two of the most beautiful costal places of the entire Italian coast. The first is Marina di Camerota that was awarded as the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2013 and 2014. The second is Palinuro, with its wonderful caves, the natural arc and its long beaches of fine sand. During the summer period, Palinuro and Marina di Camerota are extremely lively due to the convergence here of young people from all over Italy. Between May and June, for three consecutive days Marina di Camerota hosts the “Meeting del Mare”: a music festival with international artists from all over the world.

Despite the many activities here during summer, what truly leaves you speechless is mother nature. Go and visit Baia degli Infreschi for instance. You can reach it by boat or walking through the typical woods “Macchia Mediterranea”. Here water is crystalline with silence all around that would make you want to stay. Those rocks all around, are the house for the Primula Palinuri flower. It is a protected species and it is the symbol of the Cilento National Park.

Palinuro was initially angler’s village. Today, instead, it represents the perfect destination for hundreds of people during summer.