Stage 11 : Casaletto Spartano / San Giovanni a Piro

At the end of the 11th stage, you will have the sea again in front of you. From Casaletto Spartano you shall follow the road to Tortorella. At the roundabout, take the narrow road that goes down on the right. This path is mostly downhill and it crosses woods until another crossroad. There, on the right, following the direction for Villammare, there is another narrow road downhill. The latter, after 2km will lead you on the SP210 road. Go ahead towards south for roughly 600m. At that point, you will find another crossroad. You may go to the sea, finally through the village of Vibonati. The Silent Way, however, will lead you to the right, following the sign for Santa Marina. The way goes down towards Policastro Bussentino. There, you will pass by the former cathedral dedicated to the holy Mary. In Policastro Bussentino there still are the remaining of the walls of an ancient Byzantine city.

Passing under the railway, you can continue towards Scario. This old angler’s village is characteristic for its port with the church. Go visit it and rest before continuing with the Silent Way. The next 7 km will all be climbing until the village of Bosco.

Jose’ Ortega, the pupil of Pablo Picasso, lived here for twenty years of his life. He painted 196 majolica at the entrance of the village. The museum with its masterpieces is always open between June 15th and September 15th. During the rest of the year, reservation is mandatory.

After leaving Bosco you go back to the crossroads that lead you there. You take the right continuing on the SS562 until you reach the village of San Giovanni a Piro. There, the sanctuary of the Pietrasanta is really worth visiting. It is built on a steep rock, by monks in the 13th century.

If you want to stay some more time here, from San Giovanni a Piro there is a road that will take you directly to the top of the Bulgheria mountain (1215 MASL). Alternatively, you may decide to follow the road for the beach of Marcellino.

If, instead, you are in a hurry to move one, at least take a moment to admire the Policastro Gulf from the view of Ciolandrea. From here, when the sky is clear, you can even see the island of Stromboli, part of the Eolie islands of Sicily.