Stage 10 : Sanza / Casaletto Spartano

The stage of today will bring you back to the seaside. The Silent Way is still quite demanding, going up and down continuously. After 15 km from Sanza you will find Caselle in Pittari. During the month of July, here you can attend a very characteristic event: the “Palio del Grano”. Eight districts of the village will challenge each other in a very ancient activity: hand harvesting of wheat.

After Caselle in Pittari you go south along the SS517 until the crossing of the SP210 that will lead you to the village called Sicili’. One Km after Sicili’, the Silent Way goes above the Bussento river. Rest here for a while to enjoy the sound of water and vegetation all around. Get some energy before climbing towards Morigerati. Here you will find the church of Saint Demetrio, with access to it from the arch of Castello Baronale. The view from the church is astonishing. In Morigerati you must visit the WWF oasis named Grotte del Bussento. Within the oasis you will also find a water fount that comes out in the proximity of the old wind mill. Still in Morigerati don’t miss the “Etno-graphic” museum silvo-pastorale. You will leave Morigerati from the north side going along the road until the SP16, taking a right turn towards Casaletto Spartano. Just otside Casaletto you will find the so-called Venus Hair. It is a waterfall naturally formed in the small river Rio Casaletto. At the end of the day, Casaletto and Battaglia may host you in one of the most silent nights of the Silent Way.