Stage 1 : Castelnuovo Cilento / Pollica

The journey begins in Castelnuovo Cilento, a wonderful village whose name originates from the ancient castle that dominates it. From the square just in front of the castle the view is extraordinary, it offers a unique view on The Silent Way that you are about to begin. Castelnuovo Cilento is the village where Guerino Galzerano (1922 – 2002) left his artistic buildings.

This stage is not very difficult. After 11 km from the start, you will find yourself climbing on a hilly road with 5% slope in average. Once in Acquavella you can stop and rest before continuing in the direction of Stella Cilento (386 MASL), in the foothills of the homonym mountain.  From Stella Cilento, continuing on SP77 for 3 km, you will arrive in Omignano. There, in the main square of the village you can visit the “laboratory” of the artisan basket maker Giuseppe Giuliano.

The Silent Way continues in the direction of Galdo. Take a rest at the Caffe’ letterario (the literate coffee). This place was founded by the major of the village, murdered by the mafia for it strong opposition to it. In the literate coffee “thoughts shape themselves”, do not miss it.

This stage will finish in Pollica, a village situated 1131 MASL on the Monte Stella. Its view on the Mediterranean Sea, just on above Acciaroli is priceless. On the following day you will reach the seaside. You will be able to reach it at dawn, when angler will be coming back from the catch of the night. In the little square of Pioppi, you can rest and chat before continuing towards Vatolla.