The Silent Way

The Silent Way is a journey of roughly 600 km. It goes in circle, touching the shores and mountains of one of the largest Italian national reserve: the Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni, most commonly known as just Cilento. The Silent Way is subdivided in 14 stages, with one optional stage to climb the mountain Cervati (1898 MASL).
It is named after the typical sound of the places that you will unveil: silence. Silence on The Silent Way is everywhere.  It completely neutralizes the daily noise you are used to. The Silent Way begins in the main square of the village, in the courtyard of the ancient castle. The Silent Home will host you for the first night of your incredible journey. There, you can collect The Silentina, your travelling document. It confirms your presence on The Silent Way and guarantees low prices to eat and sleep along your journey. The first part of The Silent Way is very picturesque. It passes through Pioppi, a fishing village.
From there, The Silent Way continues for 40 Km following the wonderful coast-tal line. Then, it continues by climbing towards Castellabate. From this point on, it will take 400 Km to have the see in front of you again. Meanwhile, you will have travelled through an amazing piece of Earth.

About us

The association “La Via Silente” was created on December 1st 2014 by a group of enthusiastic and proud inhabitants of Cilento willing to introduce their wonderful land to the rest of the World. The main purpose of the association is to create, monitor and promote The Silent Way.
The core of the route was initially explored by Carla and Simona. They also represent the core of the association . Now they can count on the cooperation of a complete staff of volunteer professionals that take care of all the different aspects of this ambitious project.
Creating the maps, creating the GPS trails, making sure that the graphical design is modern and appealing, tourism management, relationship with the touristic hosting infrastructure are only few amongst the challenges that everyday keeps us busy to make “The Silent Way” the perfect environment for you to come, enjoy and relax.

The Silentina

The main office of the association is in Via Velina 96, Velina (SA). There, you can be added to the main cycle-book of The Silent Way. At that point, you will receive The Silentina. It is a document with your name, home address and phone number. It testifies your presence on the route. There are several hotels, B&B and other hosting entities that have decided to cooperate with us. By showing the Silentina upon your arrival, they will host you at a discounted rate. Further, your host will also place a stamp on the Silentina. At the end of your journey you will have collected 15 unique stamps.