The bicycle

The Silent Way goes for more then 90% of its length on asphalt roads. However the car concentration on those roads is extremely limited. Not in all cases the road is in good condition, there are also many dirt roads uphill with many challenges. The best biclycle to use on The Silent Way is a hybrid one. It has to be reliable, robust, and with mountain settings. At least 24 gears (three chain wheels in the front and eight on the back). You will remember The Silent Way for its landscapes, but also for its “hilly going” up and down. It will be good to have installed bar ends on your bicycle to help you climbing and to allow you a change in position while cycling in plain. The bag carrier is very important to take the weight of your bags. Get a robust one. Bags on the back side of the bicycle are advised, and also a frontal little bag able to hold a camera, sun glasses, phone, etc. will come handy.
Two water bottle are advised. In the range between the Valico of monti Alburni and Sella del Corticato, it will be almost impossible to find potable water. The same applies if you decide to climb up Monte Cervati. In all other cases it will be possible to find water in the public fountains of all the villages you will come across.
Do not underestimate flat tires. On The Silent Way all the hosting organizations that decided to cooperate with us (see a list on this website) will provide you with tools to fix your bike. Along the route, however, it will be difficult to find places to fix the bike for you. It is advised to use self-repairing tubes or anti-hole tires.
Learn how to perform simple repairs and maintenance to your bike. Keep a small repair kit at all times.
Make sure your bags and all the luggage you will have does not exceed 10 Kg. This will allow you to enjoy much more your journey with the least effort.