The Silent Way is the first example in Italy of a cycle-way that crosses a protected area entirely. The Silent Way extends within the National park of Cilento e Vallo di Diano, in the southern part of Campania region, province of Salerno. UNESCO declared Cilento a World’s heritage site.
Its morphology is characterized by hills and mountains. The Silent Way will bring you at the top of Monte Cervati (1898 MASL), going through the village of Sanza at the ninth stage of the route.

Further, you will also reach the top of Monte Gelbison (1705 MASL) passing through the village of Novi Velia at the 13th stage of the route. Those two are certainly the most challenging parts of the route. However your hard work and courage will be totally worth the extraordinary landscapes that those two mountains can offer.
Cervati is characterized by calcareous rocks and in some points it is shaped by the slow and persistent action of the water. In other points, instead, the force of the water-abundant rivers creates caves, stalactites and stalagmites. The result is a wonderful ever-changing landscape. As if this is not enough already, the vegetation here is amongst the richest and most diverse that you can find in Italy. You can find Macchia Mediterranea, woodland, chestnuts, ancient beech woods, grazing-lands, amongst others.
Monte Gelbison has a different origin instead. It is entirely made of sedimentary rocks of diverse origin known as “Flysch del Cilento”. At the very top of the mountain, there is the ancient bazilian sanctuary that is dedicated to the Mary of Novi Velia. From there, you can enjoy the undisturbed view of almost the entire Silent Way.

At just few km far from the top of those two beautiful mountains you can find the astonishing costal line of Cilento. From Sapri to Agropoli, you will experience many changes from sandy beaches to rocky creeks. The Silent Way touches the costal line several times from Pollica to Castellabate, Pioppi, Acciaroli, Agnone, Golfo di Policastro, Morigerati. However, you will be speechless when cycling on The Silent Way you will end up in the wonderful creek of Baia degli Infreschi. Baia degli Infreschi has been nominated several times as the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Italy. There, you can find the Primula Palinuri plant, the symbol of Cilento.
As a “side dish” of this fantastic experience, you will find many small villages that look directly at sea, or hidden behind hills, or up in the mountains. You will find genuine people, that are very proud of this beautiful land that are very attached to its ancient traditions.